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Interscholastic Center

The center Interescolar is a medium-level technical vocational training school, which since its founding in 1975, prepares professionals and differentiated to work in the job market. The school is part of the Hospital das Clínicas complex in Ribeirão Preto, and offers professional courses for a professional who is capable of working in different contexts of professional practice. It also develops training and qualifications for the multidisciplinary team at Hospital das Clínicas, besides having an excellent infrastructure and privileged resources, it counts on a specialized professional team committed to the construction of the school’s teaching-learning processes.

The Centro Interescolar has been building its history that has been consolidated over the years, based on the relentless search to qualify its students and health professionals, with the most innovative. The school has a historical legacy, in which throughout its more than 40 years of history, its interests and ideals have always been guided by a philosophy of quality in the services provided, open to the community in which it operates.

The institution is located at Av. Bandeirantes, 3,900, Campus Universitário, currently offering vacancies for the general population and for employees of HCFMRP-USP, having its operation authorized by Portaria C.E.T. of 11.03.1975.

Pedagogical Political Project

Fernanda Takahama Valente

(16) 3602-2013