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In addition to treating illnesses, it is also important for the hospital staff to provide patients with emotional relief and respect for the human condition. For this purpose, hospital humanization projects are developed, offering new perspectives in care.

The General Hospital of FMRP-USP, in line with the guidelines of the National Humanization Program (PNH) of the Ministry of Health and the State Humanization Policy (PEH), established the Humanization Group, coordinated by the Clinical Board and composed of members of several areas: Hospital Hotel Services, Internal Affairs, Specialized Service in Occupational Safety and Health, General Management of Ambulatory, Medical Social Service, HC Criança, Pediatrics Department of Child Care, Department of Neurosciences and Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Service, Service of Occupational Therapy, BMT Service, Clinics Agreements, Hospital Clothing Processing Center, Integrated Quality Center and Clinical Engineering Center.

The Humanization Group is responsible for establishing discussions and exchanges of experiences on the daily life of the Hospital; integrating the work and humanization projects that are currently disseminated by the HC, thus sensitizing people and encouraging them to consolidate a cooperative network of action and communication, aiming at a culture of institutional humanization that can contribute to the quality of health care for users and professionals working at the Hospital.

Arts, Culture and Leisure Program in Hospitals

The State for Health Secretariat, through CIP No. 40/90 (02/16/1990), proposed the implementation of the Art, Culture and Leisure Project in Hospitals. This program has been developed in this institution with the following goals: develop activities with patients and family members, seeking a better adaptation to the hospital environment, relieving stress, shortening the time of treatment and hospitalization and facilitating interaction among patients, family members and the multiprofessional team.
During these years, the Social Service has been coordinating and promoting, in partnership with the Patient Assistance League (LAP), the implementation of these actions, through celebrations on commemorative dates: Easter, Mother’s Day, Junina Party, Children’s Day and Christmas.

Patient's Day

The Social Service, since 2010, performs in the Ambulatory of this Hospital, the honoring day to the patient named “Patient’s Day at HC”.
Considering the importance of actions that aim at the humanization in the health and the welcome of the patient, through Ordinance HCRP No. 254/2014, the “HC Patient’s Day” was introduced in the calendar of annual commemorations of the Hospital, which is celebrated on June 24.

Hospital Class Project

It includes school monitoring to children and teenagers (6 to 14 years old), hospitalized at HCFMRP-USP and Emergency Care Unit. This project that was implemented in 1997, through a partnership between the State Department of Education and General Hospital, Medical School of Ribeirão Preto-USP.
In addition to the humanization perspective, the Hospital Class Project aims to: provide school reintegration avoiding dropout rate, social integration and better quality of life, stimulating them to return to their original schools, continuing their activities.
Currently, the classes take place in the Pediatrics, Protective Isolation, Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedic (Campus) and Pediatric Ward (Emergency Care Unit).

School Reinsertion Program

This program aims to prepare the faculty members, employees and students, who live with the children and teenagers in cancer treatment, for the process of school reintegration.
An informative work is carried out in the school of origin of the child and/or teenager, in order to minimize obstacles to the possibility of returning to classes. It is performed through video and educational material and it seeks to clarify aspects about the disease and necessary care, which are generally unknown by the general population.
The School Reintegration Program is developed by a Social Worker, a Psychologist and a Nutritionist, in partnership with the teams of the Pediatric Oncology HCFMRP-USP and Child Support Group with Cancer (GACC). It covers localities 150 km far from Ribeirão Preto, with the expenses under responsibility of the Child Support Group with Cancer (GACC).

Household Visits to Families in Mourning

Home visits to families who are experiencing the mourning of their loved ones aim to offer support at this difficult time of loss.
The professionals of Social Work, Psychology and Nutrition, seek to extend support and assistance to mourning families, offering social and psychological support to parents, siblings and close relatives, in the following modalities: individual, group and home.
The project is developed in partnership with the teams of Pediatric Oncology HCFMRP-USP and Child Support Group with Cancer (GACC). The home visits are carried up to 150 km far from Ribeirão Preto and the Support Group for the Child with Cancer (GACC) is responsible for the expenses. However, for the other localities, telephone contacts are made with such families.