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Specialized Centers

Milk bank

The Human Milk Bank (HCB) Anália Ribeiro Heck of HCFMRP-USP was created in May 1976 with the objective of encouraging and supporting breastfeeding. By designation of the State Department of Health and recognition of the National Network of Human Milk Banks, it is Reference Center for the Milk Banks of the state of São Paulo. It performs screening and selection of donors and collection of lactic surplus of nursing mothers. The bank also carries out the quality control of milk donated, processed and distributed to premature newborns. As a Reference Center it is also responsible for training and qualification of human resources. With a laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Health, it develops operational research with the provision of technical advice. As a Breastfeeding Incentive Center, in addition to providing preventive and curative supervision in breastfeeding care during the lactational period, it helps mothers in breastfeeding practices.

Dial breastfeeding:
(16) 3610-2649

Eye Bank

The Eye Bank of HCFMRP-USP captures cadaveric donor corneas for transplantation at the Hospital and other regional medical centers. Due to the ability to meet expectations for donation at the General Hospital, where the waiting queue has been reset for several times, we have managed to arrange the transportation of corneas to various regions of São Paulo, thus contributing to the reduction of visual impairment.

(16) 3602-1503 | (16) 3602-2521

Human Tissue Bank

The Tissue Bank of The General Hospital of the Medical School of Ribeirão Preto of USP is located in the Emergency Care Unit and it aims to provide human tissues for transplantation.

Donated human tissues can be transplanted to correct various medical problems, such as bone failure due to fractures or tumors, ligament injuries, bone deformities, burns, that is, a series of situations in which correction without the use of human tissue would be difficult or even impossible.

In order to provide human tissue within the required sanitary standards, the Tissue Bank relies on a complex structure of clean rooms, similar to the structure of a pharmaceutical industry that produces intravenous drugs. The processing of these tissues in an environment with strict quality control like this, within the current standards, avoids the transmission of diseases.

(16) 3602-1300 |  (16) 3602 -1301

Rua Bernardino de Campos, 1000 – Ribeirão Preto (SP)

Center for Solid Organ Transplantation (CTOS)

Considering the mission of this Hospital and the institutional guideline for strengthening hospital care of high complexity, the Center for Solid Organ Transplantation was established, thus concentrating hospital care for potential patients or for those who underwent liver, kidney and pancreas transplantation. A technical and material infrastructure with human resources was also established to expand other types of transplants in our institution.

Center for Epilepsy Surgery (CIREP)

The Center for Epilepsy Surgery (CIREP) has been active since 1995, and acts as a Regulatory Center for Epilepsy Surgeries throughout the country. It has been chosen by the Ministry of Health to be the representative body of this type of surgery along with the National Center of High Complexity Regulation. It performs video-EEG monitoring, pre-surgical evaluation of epilepsy and ketogenic diet. It has specific outpatient clinics for the care of adults, children and teenagers.

(16) 3602-2613

Rehabilitation Center (CER)

The Rehabilitation Center of the General Hospital of the Medical School of Ribeirao Preto of the University of Sao Paulo, established in 2007 reached 400 medical appointments per day, exceeding 120 thousand medical appointments in 2013. It relies on multiprofessional teams in more than 20 specific fields of rehabilitation and provides Wheelchair Technology services and Orthotics and Prosthetics Workshop.
With all these requirements, in March 2009, it was incorporated to Lucy Montoro Rehabilitation Network, coordinated by the State Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Consequently, it can offer a new perception to the patients with physical disability and difficulties of locomotion who live in the region of Ribeirão Preto.
Recently the HC was certified as CER IV by the Ministry of Health, being responsible for the Specialized Care in Physical, Visual Rehabilitation and Multiple Disabilities that will increase the assistance, mainly in relation to the provision of orthoses, prostheses, locomotion and optical aids thanks to the additional funding.

(16) 3602-1816


Center for Human Reproduction

The Hospital has the most advanced human reproduction services in the country and has its scientific and technological production recognized nationally. It provides tertiary service, that is, assisted reproduction and all types of coverage are available: surgery, diagnostic tests such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, radiological services, psychological care and specialized nursing assistance, specialized prenatal medical care besides neurological and genetic service in the follow-up of these children.

(16) 3602-2815

Specialized Center for Otorhinolaryngology and Speech Therapy - CEOF

The Specialized Center of Otorhinolaryngology and Speech Therapy at HCFMRPUSP provides specialized assistance in otolaryngology, speech therapy and cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. It acts in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, with conditions that require attention of medium and high complexity. It also includes the Oral Breathing Center, the Integrated Face Deformities Center and the Research Center for Rehabilitation of Hearing and Balance. It is accredited in the Hearing Health Program, with the Ministry of Health, for high complexity procedures.

(16) 3602-2321

Poisoning Control Center

The Poisoning Control Center, located in the Emergency Care Unit of the HCFMRP-USP since 1983, is part of the Poisoning Control Centers of the State of São Paulo and Brazil, which are affiliated to ABRACIT – Brazilian Association of Information Centers and Toxicological Assistance and Clinical Toxicologists – civil, national non-profit entity, constituted by the Centers of Information and Toxicological Assistance linked to public institutions. It is the only one in the region and operates 24 hours, providing guidance, diagnostic and therapeutic assistance on acute poisoning by drugs, chemicals and accidents by venomous animals to health professionals, institutions and the population through telephone service. It also provides specialized medical care to patients admitted to the Emergency Care Unit of the HCFMRP-USP with these injuries. It has also a laboratory that performs toxicological analysis to clarify the diagnosis of hospitalized and outpatient patients with acute poisoning. Diagnoses and necessary procedures are guaranteed by Databases on Medications, Agrochemicals, Household Cleaning, as well as national and international literature and exchange with other centers. The Center also works as a research site on accidents involving venomous animals and acute intoxications and contributes with its data to the analysis of the national epidemiological profile of these diseases. The patient should always seek the nearest health center for fast care since these are acute situations.

(16) 3602-1190 | (16) 3602-1154

Service for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SEAVIDAS)

The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Attention Service (SEAVIDAS) was established on April 6, 1999, with the participation of professionals from various areas, with experience in dealing with victims of violence, in different age groups. Based on the experience of other groups, SEAVIDAS initially planned actions to enable effective assistance for victims of sexual aggression in the municipalities of the Ribeirão Preto region. It works in combination with the Emergency Care Unit HCFMRP-USP, which provides human and technical resources for medical care. Among other actions to assist people who are victims of violence, SEAVIDAS plans to improve the identification of cases and disclosure systems for support centers. It also aims to enable medical, psychological, legal and social assistance and ensure continuity of medical treatment and psychosocial support.

Endereço: Sete de Setembro, 1050 (entrada pela Coleta de sangue).
Centro – Ribeirão Preto – SP

(16) 3605-3736

Clinical Oncology Service

The Oncology Multidisciplinary Center coordinates the oncological medical appointments carried out by the different specialties, aiming to provide integral care to the patients. In addition to the outpatient clinics and wards of the disciplines, the Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Center are part of this Center. The Center relies on professionals with training in surgical and clinical oncology to support the specialties, and other professionals such as psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses and pharmacists.

(16) 3602-2304

Bone marrow transplant

The Bone Marrow Transplant Center specializes in the practice of cell therapy for the treatment of leukemia, lupus and multiple sclerosis. It develops pioneering work in the treatment of type 1 diabetes with the use of stem cells and in autologous stem cell transplantation for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Post-transplant patients living in other cities also have the support of the GATMO (Bone Marrow Transplant Support Group), which provides accommodation for the patient and companion in the post-surgical outpatient period.

(16) 3602-2229

Access to the Special Center on Infectious Disease Therapy (UETDI)

Acesso à Unidade Especial em Terapia de Doenças Infecciosas (UETDI)

The UETDI (Special Center for the Treatment of Infectious Diseases) which was inaugurated in August 1996, provides medical, dental and psychosocial assistance to patients suffering from infectious diseases, so as to centralize all hospital visits on the hospital or regular hospitalizations in the same facility.

(16) 3602-2634

Burns Center

The Burns Center of the General Hospital assists the most complex and severe cases of burns. Established in 1982, it has treated and recovered patients with burned body areas of up to 80%. For this, immediate restorative and reconstructive surgeries are performed. Important techniques have been improved in the Service. The most current ones are the use of a scalp skin graft for reconstitution of face and neck burns and skin grafting of the foot sole to cover palm defects. Several medical specialties are associated with recovery of the burned patient. As the only center with its own facilities and specialized medical and paramedical staff, the Burns Center has an important social function. Only 48% of hospitalized patients are from Ribeirão Preto and region, and the remaining are from other regions, such as Campinas and the State of Minas Gerais.

(16) 3602-1110 | 1140-1151