Volunteering Work

HCFMRP-USP Volunteer Center
This significant interaction between the volunteers and the patients stimulated the creation of the Volunteer Center in this Health Institution (Ordinance 90/2001 – 06/06/2001).
Throughout these years, the attention the volunteers give to patients and their family members has contributed to the process of humanization in the hospital environment.
Currently, the Volunteer Center covers eleven registered groups, with projects focused on patients: Projeto Biblioteca Viva; LAP – Liga de Assistência aos Pacientes; Grupo Acredite; GACC – Grupo de Apoio a Criança com Câncer; GATMO – Grupo de Apoio ao Transplante de Medula Óssea; ABRACCIA – Associação Brasileira de Combate ao Câncer Infantil e Adulto; Expresso Riso; Projeto Brincar; Apoio Espiritual; Grupo FelizIdade; Complementary Therapies (Reiki, Meditation and Johrei). The Projeto Contadores de História is developed in the Emergency Care Unit. Concerning the Hospital employees, the Project Laboroterapia is developed.

Coordination: Social Service and Integrated Center for Humanization.

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